Toon Boom Studio

Toon Boom Studio 8.1

Creates advanced animations based on multi-graphics layers

Creates art and animation with advanced effects composition and support for sketches, drawing and painting tools. Supports creating animations for TV, movies and 2D games. The built-in tools include a brush engine, palettes and painting, traditional paperless animation, 2D and 3D integration, deformers, cut-out animation features, effects and composition as well as pipeline integration and export directly to the game engine.

With Toon Boom Studio we can create and publish animations in an easy way, being offered all the tools we may need.
When we open the program we can see a Menu Bar and some toolbars, such as drawing tools, scene-planning tools and interactive playback.
The first window displays a grid and can be used for drawing or opening an existing project. We can even add images from the provided library - both animations and still templates.

The program lets us adjust the timeline, the exposure sheet and handle the function editor. We can drag and drop any item from a set of library backgrounds, storyboarding, props, characters, cliparts and more, thus starting our histories at any moment we want. We can also handle several cameras and create our own characters and backgrounds, either by drawing them or by importing files. Speaking of the latter ability, the program supports a huge quantity of formats.

This program allows a user to publish, his works in different formats, such as Flash Movie, Quicktime, AVI, HTML, or even send them to iTunes library and Upload to Youtube.

Paula Ledesma
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  • Imports files of a huge quantity of formats
  • Many adjustable settings


  • Has no disadvantages
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